C-Line Gearboxes

The C-Line gearboxes are available with 12, 9 or 6 gears. Patented shifting technology in a compact housing made of lightweight magnesium.


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The Pinion C1.12

The C1.12 gearbox is the shifting system for everyday, leisure and touring riders. 12 finely stepped gears offer an outstanding gear ratio range and unique shifting comfort. With a 600 % overall gear range, the C1.12 gearbox easily outclasses modern derailleur drivetrains.

Reliable, clean &
low maintenance

The Pinion gearbox is extremely low maintenance and virtually wear-free. Due to the sealed housing design, dirt can’t get into the system. Frequent drivetrain cleaning and lubrication is a thing of the past!

Pinion gearboxes are proven the world over and trusted for the everyday

für E-Bikes

mountain biking

Urban Bikes, clean and
quiet through the city

Perfect for E-bikes

Whether city, tour, trail, or cargo: we work together with leading motor manufacturers to offer ideal drivetrain configurations for all types of E-Bikes. In our 4 categories you will find E-Trekking bikes, E-Mountain bikes, Speed-Pedelecs, light E-Bikes, and E-Cargo bikes from innovative manufacturers – all with Pinion gearboxes and hub-motors.

Protected shifting mechanisms

Pinion stands for reliable and durable drivetrains – under all conditions. The magnesium housing of the C-line is treated with a durable, anthracite metallic coloured powder coating. For additional peace of mind, a protective film protects the gearbox from stone chips.

Lighter centre of mass

The compact magnesium housing is 33 % lighter than aluminum. Sophisticated, high-precision manufacturing processes allow the use of an ultra-light “Made in Germany” magnesium alloy.

Design of the gearbox types

Common to all gearboxes is the spur gearing consisting of two sub-units connected in sequence. The individual gear ratios are derived by matching the two sub-units with various cog pairings.

The C1.12 gearbox is built using a 4-gear unit mated to a 3-gear unit – a 4 x 3 gearing type. The C1.9 is a 3 x 3 type.

The C1.12 gearbox is the shifting system for everyday, leisure and touring riders. 12 finely stepped gears offer an outstanding gear ratio range and unique shifting comfort.
E-bike and enduro riders love the pure efficiency of the 9-speed gearbox. The C1.9 is optimized for applications where larger gear steps and efficient shifting are a priority.
The C1.6 is our lightest gearbox type and is used in urban e-bikes, E-cargo bikes and in commercial fleet and rental operations.
logo-C1-12 logo-C1-9 logo-C1-6
Number of gears  12 9 6
Total range 600 % 568 % 295 %
Step size 17.7 % 24.3 % 24.3 %
Easiest gear  1.82 1.82 0.95
Fastest Gear  0.30 0.32 0.32
Gearbox weight  ca. 2100 g ca. 2000 g ca. 1800 g

C-Line specifications

Just like the proven P-Line gearboxes, the C-line use patented Pinion technology. All frame connections, and accessories for the various gearbox types are compatible with each other.
The C-Line gearboxes, however, have an ergonomic Q-factor of 166 mm.

Frame Connection:
Sprocket mount:
Max. Torque:
Temperature Range:

Pinion Standard
Pinion Center Lock
250 Nm
-15°C – +40°C
Crank mount:
Oil volume:
Service interval:

Pinion Standard
166 mm
60 ml Pinion gear oil
Open Bath
Every 10,000 km / once a year


As the owner of a Pinion C-Line gearbox you have the option of extending the Pinion manufacturer’s warranty from 2 to 3 years free of charge within 12 months of the initial purchase date.

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