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The San José del Pacífico Grand Dirt Tour is a 6-day bikeroute with the starting and ending in Oaxaca, capital of the state of Mexico and beautifully located mountain town. Anyone who has ever been to Mexico knows that the country is incredibly versatile - predestined for bike touring.

The jury of several members, including journalists from relevant cycling magazines and experts from the cycling industry, evaluated a wide variety of aspects.

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On bike adventure through the Rockies – an experience from Canada

Guy Stuart is a Canadian and an enthusiastic adventure biker. On his custom-made Pinion bike - equipped with a C1.12 Pinion transmission - from the titanium forge RollingDale Cycle, he had covered around 10,000 kilometers by the end of last year.
The conditions in the Rocky Mountains could not have been more different, whether in terms of surface (stones, gravel, meadow, asphalt, ice, snow, etc.) or outside temperature.

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Deep insights in new video from Tristan & Bélen

At the end of September, the two Pinion riders Tristan Bogaard & Bélen Castelló were with us in Denkendorf as part of their "Factory Tour".
How many steps does it take to hold a finished Pinion gearbox in your hands? What does the test bench look like? How does an oil change work? What other developments are in store for the future?

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Cycling on the Balearic islands

Tristan and Belén set out to create a bikepacking route across the four biggest Balearic Islands Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca, and call it the TransBaleares!

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Martin and his dalmatian Sancho are a perfect team. Martin, who started off as a mountain biker, loves every facet of cycling. He doesn’t have a car, choosing instead to run errands with his capable cargo bike. Martin familiarized Sancho with cycling at an early age…Sancho loves accompanying Martin on spirited “full-gas rides” and is everything you could ask for in a trail dog. Both agree that nothing strengthens the bond between human and canine more than adventure.

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Even as a young boy, Jaap built cargo bikes. As teenager he welded standard trailer hitches to classic Dutch bikes. The fully extendable and light trailer for this purpose he of course also built himself. His fascination for cargo bikes never really diminished, but something seeped away when Jaap got his driver’s license and eventually his first car.

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How urban mobility works today

2018 was a thrilling year for Joaquin Cortés. The young Spanish designer traveled to Eurobike with a unique bike in his luggage. It wasn’t just any bike, but his vision of a modern eBike. It was a rideable prototype of an urban gearbox-driven eBike that weighed just 15 kg. But the statistics did not tell the whole story.

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Riding the “Great Divide Mountain Bike Route” once in a lifetime is the dream of many cyclists. The legendary route is considered the longest “off-road bike route” in the world and runs for 2,745 miles (= 4,417 kilometers) from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border. The US athlete and filmmaker Ryan van Duzer fulfilled this dream and started the race with his new Pinion Bike Priority 600X.

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