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Santos Travel lite + Powerserie

Santos Travel lite + Powerserie

GearBox Type C1.12
Frame Size M
Frame Shape Trapeze
Frame Material ALUMINIUM
Wheel Size 28'
Price OVER 6000 €

About Santos

For years The Holidaybiker has been one of the largest Santos dealers in The Netherlands. We love their unique bikes and Santos also appreciates our unique attitude to deliver the highest possible quality touring bikes to our customers.

Santos bikes are built to order in Holland; custom-built as they call it. The guys from the Lowlands are an impressive bunch. Their philosophy is very no-nonsense and shows itself in durable, low maintance, lifetime quality bikes. According to us their biggest asset is: dream up your perfect bike (even if it might be wild or challenging) and there is a good chance they can make it happen.

Travel lite + Powerserie

The travel lite + Powerserie is the Pinion and disc brake equivalent of the Travel lite. This electric model is equipped with the Goswiss rear wheel motor.
The ‘+’ denomination stands for its multiple wheel size options. In this bike you can run a 27.5″ with a 62mm tire, or a 29″ with 55mm tires and fenders. You can see it as a next generation touring bike.
It is different from the Pinion equipped Travelmaster 3+ by sporting a smooth welded frame and aluminum fork.
It lacks the 1001 mounting provisions of the 3+, which some might see as a (at least aesthetic) benefit.
Also available as a mixte frame and as a E-bike.

Price from € 7799,-
Visit the Santos page for more details: Travel Lite +

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de Vakantiefietser

de Vakantiefietser Westerstraat 216 1015 MS Amsterdam (NL)

TEL: 020-6164091

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