5-Years Pinion Manufacturer WARRANTY

No wear, no adjustments, and minimal maintenance. That is our gearbox technology promise. We are the only manufacturer to offer a 5-years warranty on a shifting system.



Included 5-years Pinion Manufacturer Warranty.
Guarantee is valid from the date of purchase of the bike, Retroactive activation is also possible.



Included 2-years Pinion Manufacturer Warranty.
Optional: Warranty extension to 5 years.
One-time fee of 89,00 Euro.

Included 5-Years Warranty

Here’s how the P-Line
Warranty works

To activate the 5-year warranty on your Pinion P-Line, register the gearbox on our website.

Proof of an annual oil change is a prerequisite for any warranty claims. Service is documented on the warranty card that accompanies the gearbox and is included in your user manual.


Optional: 5-Years Warranty

Here’s how the C-Line
Warranty works

As the owner of a Pinion C-Line gearbox, you have the option to extend the Pinion manufacturer’s warranty from 2 to 5 years, within 12 months of the original purchase date.

It’s simple:

Create a customer account on our website and register your C-Line gearbox there. You have the option to extend the gearbox warranty from 2 to 5 years for a one-time fee of 89,00 Euro.


The service life of a Pinion gearbox extends far beyond the regular warranty period. With Pinion Care, we offer a service with follow-up warranty.

Other Advantages

Theft monitoring

If your Pinion bike is stolen, please inform us. The police can identify your bike via the serial number of the gearbox.

Service reminder

You will receive an E-mail reminder once a year when the next oil change is due at your dealer.

Optimal customer service

Quick and easy gearbox identification means we guarantee fast and uncomplicated processing in the event of service.

In the event of a warranty claim, your Pinion dealer will take care of the warranty process. All you need is the completed warranty card and proof of purchase of the Pinion equipped bike. If you purchased your bike directly from the manufacturer, the manufacturer is responsible for handling the warranty process. Detailed information about the Pinion warranty can be found in our warranty conditions.

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