No wear, no adjustment and only minimal maintenance: This is the promise on our drive technology. If something should happen to be wrong, Pinion is the only gear system manufacturer to offer a five-year guarantee on the gearbox technology.


"Pinion gearbox technology delivers long-lasting performance and reliability. We guarantee this!"

Christoph Lermen, CEO

How the Pinion guarantee works

In order to be able to claim the 5-year guarantee on Pinion drive technology, only proof of the annual oil change is required. The service is documented on the guarantee card belonging to the gearbox unit, which is enclosed with your user manual.

In case of a guarantee claim your Pinion dealer will be happy to take care of the handling. All you have to do is fill in your guarantee card and present proof of purchase of the Pinion bike. If you have purchased your bike directly from the manufacturer, the latter is responsible for guarantee processing. For detailed information on the Pinion guarantee, please refer to our guarantee conditions.

Our service concept goes far beyond the regular guarantee period. With Pinion Care you ride carefree and safe - always further and further.