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Belén and Tristan are professional adventurers, bikepacking photographers and Pinion Ambassadors. The couple usually travel together and explore numerous countries by bike. Here they are on tour with a Tout Terrain Outback Explore 29 with a Pinion C 1.12 gearbox.

While Tristan is in the middle of preparing for the Silk Road Mountain Race, a cycling marathon in Kyrgyzstan, Belén makes a decision. She wants to go on her very first “solo tour” in Kyrgyzstan: From route planning and cooking to the entire documentation. For the first time, Belén is doing everything on her own.

In the days leading up to the start of her tour, Belén is relaxed and looking forward to the adventure ahead. However, this anticipation is occasionally mixed with a little uncertainty. Uncertainty about what to expect on this tour and what challenges await her.

Immersing herself in a new world

As soon as she leaves her apartment, she recounts a very special moment. It was as if a sixth sense had suddenly awoken, sharpening her perception. Every car, every person, even the sounds around her, she suddenly perceived much more intensely. It was like being immersed in a new world. With this special feeling, she begins her solo adventure, which couldn’t have got off to a more interesting start.

During her tour, she has a somewhat different kind of encounter with a local shepherd. She reports that he is making a video recording of her. The situation instinctively triggers an impulse in Belén to simply drive on quickly. But she plucks up her courage and approaches the shepherd. It turns out that it is simply very unusual for the shepherd to see a woman traveling alone on a bicycle. After a brief attempt to have a conversation, which was rather bumpy due to language barriers, everyone goes their separate ways again.

Although this encounter was unusual, it did not prove to be the biggest challenge of the tour. It soon becomes clear that Belén’s biggest challenge will be making ends meet with drinking water. Soon she only has one bottle left and the tour is far from over. She doesn’t want to be at the mercy of this situation again on her next tour. But now it’s time to persevere.

Tip for all adventurers: Planning your water reserves is just as important as the route itself!




An eventful day comes to an end

The last big task of the day: finding a suitable place to sleep.

Another tip for all adventurers: choose a flat, secluded spot to set up camp!

She also masters this task alone. After a short search, a suitable spot is found. Then it’s time to set up the tent, have dinner, brush your teeth and get a well-earned night’s sleep. The next morning, it’s time to pack up and head back. Belén returns to her apartment in a good mood and proud of herself.

Belén’s conclusion from this first “solo tour”: it was worth it! She is certain that this will not be her last solo tour.

If you want to find out more about Belén’s solo tour, take a look at the video.

Have fun with it!


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