25. January 2022


NICOLAI BIKES stands for frame buildingn 100% made in Germany. NICOLAI focuses on craftmanship, excellant welding quality and with the love for the little details some of the best bike frames in the world are made in the town of Mehle (Lower Saxony).

All-4-one? Of course!
The versatility of the application areas offered by a single NICOLAI frame platform should be pointed out. Originally designed as a MTB hardtail, the Argon frame – completed with the appropriate parts – also cuts a fine figure as a bikepacking or urban bike. Our gallery provides plenty of inspiration here!

” I believe that our customers recognize this „realness“ of our products and therefore go for a Nicolai bike. The fact that all of our bicycle frames down to the smallest parts are manufactured inside our factory is very important to us. This is not a religion, it is important because we can rapidly transfer the results of our riding tests into the new bikes and adjust products for our customers. True to the motto „100 % made in Germany „, we can ensure that all the components meet our high standards.”– Kalle Nicolai, Geschäftsführer.

Argon CX Pinion // bronze anodized // Pinion P1.12 black

Argon AM Pinion // green grey matt // Pinion C1.12 anthrazit

Ion G16 GPI // deep black matt w/purple anodised // P1.12 black

Ion G15 GPI // Pinion P1.12 black // khaki grey matt

Argon GLF Pinion Explorer Edition // P1.12 black // bronze anodised

Argon CX Pinion // P1.18 black // black anodised

Argon CX Pinion // C1.12 anthrazit // titan anodised

All NICOLAI frames are handmade. Every single one is unique and customized.The customer can choose for the frame size, the colour of every single frame part and for sure the Pinion gearbox type such as the housing colour and the gear indicator ring at  the P-line.

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3-2-1… The countdown starts!

3-2-1… The countdown starts!

The atomsphere is electric! Together with our partner, the e-bike manufacturer Stromer, we present a world premiere at the Eurobike! The official launch with all the details will take place at the Eurobike from 13.-17.07.2022 at Pinion, Hall 12.0 / D08 and Stromer, Hall 12.0 / C17!

Nordish by nature: Touring bikes from German manufacturer Böttcher

Nordish by nature: Touring bikes from German manufacturer Böttcher

Among adventure cyclists, the north German manufacturer Böttcher is as well known as Bayern Munich is among soccer fans. The brand stands for individuality and high-quality trekking and touring bikes that are anything but off-the-peg. The revised Pinion models from Böttcher stand out from the crowd with a well thought-out overall concept. Last but not least, the manufacturer uses a different frame material for each model…

Tail wind at the start of the season: E-Touring bikes with Pinion and rear motor

Tail wind at the start of the season: E-Touring bikes with Pinion and rear motor

For spring, several manufacturers present their new Pinion e-bikes for trekking and touring. The models presented are all based on a modern aluminum frame that integrates the Pinion transmission and powerful battery in a visually pleasing way. The Neodrives Z20 rear motor provides the corresponding power in all pedelecs. As usual, it quietly and directly boosts its own pedal power and converts it smoothly. We are introducing the new e-bikes from Contoura, Electrolyte, Jongerius and Tout Terrain!