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The revolution in Bicycle gear-shifting

Reliable Shifting Performance

Automobile Technology for Bicycles

Centrally integrated in the bicycle frame, Pinion gearboxes offer unique cycling dynamics and unparalleled shifting performance. Modeled after proven automotive transmission technology, Pinion gearboxes are ideally suited to the rigors of cycling. Virtually wear-free and requiring no adjustments, the gearbox provides long term reliability under even the toughest conditions.

“Shifting the Pinion is fun from the first pedal stroke, and it’s easy to find the perfect gear ratio.”

Tom Bierl, Editor-in-Chief Trekkingbike

Pinion Drive Technology

Proven the world over
Trusted for the everyday

Pinion drivetrains are tough. Adventure cyclists around the world rely on the sealed gearbox and appreciate the exceptionally low maintenance. The central mounting position of the Pinion within the frame results in better handling dynamics and unparalleled downhill performance – proven on the Downhill World Cup Circuit. Now it’s your turn!

6 Reasons for a Pinion

Extremely low maintenance

Pinion gearboxes are wear- and maintenance-free other than an oil change every 10,000 kms.

Intuitive Shifting

Precise shifting in every situation, whether stationary or while riding.

Clean and reliable

Enclosed shift mechanism: no dirt in the gearing and no adjustments required.

Superior Technology

Pinion equipped Bikes lead the pack: Countless “Test winner”, “Top Rated” und “Best Buy” awards speak for themselves.

Always in the right gear

No drivetrain offers more! Up to 18 gears provide the perfect gear for every situation.

Dynamic ride quality

Low center of gravity for stable handling, even while riding off-road with bags or panniers.





For every discipline

Whether city, tour, trail or bikepacking adventure: We offer the right drivetrain solution for all types of bikes. In our Bike Selection you will find e-bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes and high-quality trekking/hybrid bikes. With either belt- or chain-drivetrains – always with a Pinion gearbox.

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