BongersBikes, Apeldoorn (NL)

BongersBikes in Apeldoorn specializes in high-end and high-quality bicycles. The company was born out of passion for cycling in all its forms and is currently owned by Theo Pool. The team shares the same level of passion with our customers. Each employee has his/her own field of expertise, but we all have that one very important thing in common; we believe in bicycles and love to ride. We love to present ourselves as “The Cycling Heart of Holland”.

Whether you cycle to work or travel all around the globe, BongersBikes have the perfect bike for their customers. In their shop in Apeldoorn they present a carefully selected collection of bicycles, suited to the needs of the most demanding cyclists. With Pinion and beltdrive systems the team consists of specialists in low-maintenance and durable bikes. The combination of the high-end Pinion brands Santos, Idworx and Van Nicholas is unique for the Netherlands.

BongersBikes displays many of the most beautiful bikes, but it’s not a museum! The shop is situated in the Veluwe National Park and the beautiful forests and country-roads form the ideal surroundings to fully experience each bike during extensive test rides.


3 brands with Pinion bicycles
10 Pinion test bikes permanently in stock
Pinion mobility guarantee
Pinion service & repairs on site
Pinion spare parts service



“All the bicycles in the shop are ready for testing and BongersBikes have at least 10 Pinion test bikes available at all times. Most of the bikes are dirty from actually riding them in all weather conditions, because that’s what they’re made for. And that’s what we invite you to do as well”, says Theo Pool, Owner of BongersBikes.