Deep insights in new video from Tristan & Bélen

24. November 2022

At the end of September, the two Pinion riders Tristan Bogaard & Bélen Castelló were with us in Denkendorf as part of their “Factory Tour”.
How many steps does it take to hold a finished Pinion gearbox in your hands? What does the test bench look like? How does an oil change work? What other developments are in store for the future?
Tristan and Bélen got a deep insight into the production and a lot of interesting information about the Pinion brand and products.
The result is an almost 30-minute video that has been online since Monday, 21.11.2022. Predicate: Absolutely worth seeing!

We are very proud and happy about the partnership with the two professional adventurers and bikepacking photographers.
We are already looking forward to joint projects in 2023!

Click here for the video: Pinion Factory Tour




Udo Kewitsch combines his hobbies and passions of writing, biking and photography as an independent blogger and has been a Pinion fan for several years. His latest project: the planning and development of a BBB = Best Buddy Bike, an everyday travel bike.