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Pinion in E-Bikes

Power Where it counts!

The Pinion gearbox is located centrally at the bottom bracket of the E-bike. The rider’s pedal-power is first transferred to the gearbox, then via belt or chain to the rear hub motor where it is amplified. This combination provides a confidence-inspiring ride and is easy on the drivetrain components. Compared to mid-motor systems, the drivetrain is subjected to much lower forces. Practically, with a Pinion gearbox, you can change gears while stationary or while riding.


Pedalling force is first applied at the gearbox. The amount applied when shifting gears is determined by you – not by sensors. This means that gears can be changed gently and deliberately.


Forces from the motor are not transmitted through the shift-mechanism, so the gearbox can shift quickly, precisely, and without wear at every gear-change.


Rider forces are transmitted through the gearbox to the electric motor. The hub motor amplifies the force at the rear wheel and converts it directly into propulsion.

„The concept of shifting at the front and motor at the rear works perfectly!“

Daniel O. Fikurart / Elektrorad Magazin

6 Pinion E-Bike Advantages

Perfectly Tuned

Efficient and comfortable: A gear range that perfectly suits cycling with an electric motor.

Minimal Maintenance

Pinion gearboxes run for up to 10,000 kilometers between service. Maintenance is a thing of the past!

Absolutely Reliable

The benchmark in quality and reliability, even in heavy use inder the toughtest conditions.

Confidence-inspiring Ride

The combination of gearbox and hub-motor provides a unique, dynamic ride quality.

Minimal wear

Compared to mid-motor systems, the drivetrain is subject to much less strain. Fewer replacement parts, lower running costs.

Excellent shifting performance

Pinion gearboxes are based on proven automobile transmission technology.





The perfect gearing
For every application

Whether city, tour, trail, or cargo: we work together with leading motor manufacturers to offer ideal drivetrain configurations for all types of E-Bikes. In our categories you will find E-Trekking bikes, E-Mountain bikes, Speed-Pedelecs, light E-Bikes, and E-Cargo bikes from innovative manufacturers – all with Pinion gearboxes and hub-motors.

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