Pinion E-Cargo

E-Cargo bikes are the automobile alternative

Pinion equipped E-Bikes

E-Cargo bikes with Pinion
Reliable and emission-free

It’s hard to imagine urban mobility without cargo bikes. The environmentally friendly car alternative offers plenty of storage space for transporting children, goods, or groceries. E-cargo bikes that combine a Pinion gearbox and rear hub motor take you cleanly and quietly through the city and create a whole new feeling of freedom in urban mobility. This is the mobility of the future!

Shifting in
any situation

Gear changes made easy. Shifting is possible while stationary or while riding.

Durable and

Trust your drivetrain! Comprised of rear hub motor and low-maintenance gearbox, the combination is robust and durable.

Low cost and
low wear

Low spare part and service costs, and the long maintenance intervals
of the Pinion drivetrain pay off in the long term.

Power where it counts

Pinion gearboxes and rear hub motors are perfectly matched to each other and ensure a balanced ride. The rider’s pedal-power is first transferred to the gearbox, then via belt or chain to the rear hub motor where it is amplified. This combination is easy on the drivetrain components and provides a confidence-inspiring ride!

Powerful and sturdy

Rear hub motors prove their mettle every day in commercial cargo bikes and fleets. For families, the combination of a powerful hub motor and sealed gearbox is a carefree combination for cargo bikes that are ridden every day!

Make the shift

Heavy loads, different users, challenging conditions – all easily handled by the maintenance-free Pinion-equipped E-cargo bike. Don’t worry about annoying maintenance, dirty pant legs, and cleaning chains…there are things of the past! Run your errands comfortably and move emission-free around traffic!

Discover the advantages of the Pinion gearbox in Cargo Bikes

E-Cargo Bikes with Pinion

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Bullit Bike Pinion

Gearbox solutions
for Business Cargo Vehicles

We offer drivetrain solutions for commercial cargo bikes.
From rental bike fleets to heavy-duty cargo E-bikes – for two-, three- and four-wheeled vehicles.

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