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Urban E-Bikes
with Pinion


Lightweight E-Bikes with Pinion This is today’s urban mobility

Cycling is the modern way to get around town, and a lightweight urban E-bike with a Pinion gearbox and hub motor is the smart way to do it. Ride with agility and flexibility on the road and shift quickly and precisely, whether you are waiting at a traffic light, or while riding!

Clean & low maintenance

The sealed gearbox is protected from dirt and grime.
Cleaning and oiling your drivetrain is a thing of the past.

Precise shifting

Shifting in any situation: one or more gears,
whether stationary or while riding.

Fully integrated technology

Seamless performance. The shifting and motor are completely integrated into the frame design.

Design meets performance

The minimalist design combines state-of-the-art technologies: the Pinion gearbox, hub motor, and battery are integrated into the frame design, keeping the total bicycle weight low at around 15 kg.

Comfortable and quiet:
the hub motor

Smooth power delivery is provided by the motor, which is inconspicuously integrated in the rear hub. It matches perfectly with the 6, 9 or 12 gears of the Pinion gearbox.

Lightweight E-Bikes with Pinion

Desiknio Pinion Urban

Schindelhauer Arthur VI/IX

Schindelhauer Emilia VI/IX

Möve E-Fly Airy Ladies

Geos Pinion E-Bike

MTB Cycletech Souplesse GP

Pinion gearbox shifting
Class-leading bikes!

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