Pinion E-Speed

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Pinion equipped E-BIkes

Pinion equipped Speed Pedelecs Perfect for all-season cyclists

Do you commute to work daily in the urban jungle or take long rides beyond the city limits? Perfect! Beyond 25 km/h, a powerful hub motor in combination with the robust Pinion gearbox really shines. Pinion Speed Pedelecs are the first choice for long-distance cyclists and commuters!

Robust &

Tested to automotive standards, Pinion gearboxes withstand even the highest loads and perform reliably and maintenance-free for up to 10,000 km between services.

Quietly bypass
traffic jams

The quiet rear hub motor provides powerful, linear support. With power-assist up to 45 km/h you can cover longer distances effortlessly.


Pinion gearbox technology allows fast and precise shifting of one or more gears in any situation – whether you’re standing at a traffic light or riding.

More power to the pavement

Pinion gearboxes and rear hub motors are a perfect pairing! Unlike mid-mounted motors, the power output by the rear hub motor drives the wheel directly, converting energy efficiently into forward motion. The drivetrain’s crank, chain, and chainrings are not subject to, and worn down by the additional forces of the motor.
The result? More power, and less wear!

Design meets Performance

Both Pinion gearboxes and the electric motors are fully integrated into the frame design and combine state-of-the-art technologies. Thanks to smartphone connectivity, some models allow motor settings to be adjusted via app.

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