Technically unique,
with clockwork precision

Pinion Gearbox Shifting

Shifting redefined

Modeled after proven automobile transmission technology, Pinion Gearboxes use spur gearing with two sub-units connected in sequence. The individual gear ratios are derived by matching the two sub-units with various cog pairings.

Automotive Technology for bicycles

„Bicycle shifting with the heart of a sports car“ – the Pinion gearbox is reliable, durable and low-maintenance. 18, 12, 9 or 6 gears are ideally suited to a wide range of applications and provide the perfect gear ratio for every situation! The sealed design makes the frequent drivetrain cleaning and lubrication a thing of the past!


One technology
Two product lines

Every Pinion gearbox carries the patented Pinion DNA – a robust heart of steel. Our P- and C-line gearboxes differ in the number of gears, the Q-factor and the housing material. Whether 18, 12, 9 or 6 gears, the characteristics of each gearbox are tailored to the area of application and are handmade in Germany.


The benchmark: No other drivetrain offers more!
A precision CNC-machined aluminum housing holds up to 18 gears and delivers top reliability and an unmatched gear ratio range of 636 %.


12, 9 or 6 gears are available for C-line gearboxes. The compact housing is made of magnesium and is therefore 33 % lighter than aluminum.

Pinion gearboxes are used worldwide
and offer an unrivaled riding experience

An ideal match
for travel bikes

Next level
mountain biking

Fully integrated
E-bike technology

Bike Selection

Find the bike
that suits you!

Whether city, tour, trail or bikepacking adventure: We offer the right drivetrain solution for all types of bikes. In our Bike Selection you will find e-bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes and high-quality trekking/hybrid bikes. Either with belt or chain drive – always with Pinion gears.

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