Pinion E-Drive System
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Housing exchange with Pinion Care

With a new housing your gearbox gets a fresh a new look! In conjunction with the Pinion Care factory inspection, we give you the option to exchange the gearbox housing. Housings can be exchanged for an equivalent housing within the gearbox line. Your gearbox then receives an additional 2 or 5 years of warranty coverage. The service process is handled through your Pinion dealer.


P-Line housings are made of
CNC-machined aluminum.
Available in 9 anodized colors.


C-Line housings are made of high quality magnesium alloy and are 33% lighter than aluminum housings.

P-Line housing exchange

The P-Line housings are manufactured using a CNC machining process. It takes 20 minutes to mill the P-Line housing covers from a solid block of 7075 aluminum. The P-Line housings are available in 9 anodized colors. Choose your favorite!

Pinion Care + housing exchange for € 399,-.

C-Line housing exchange

The compact housing of the C-Line is made of a magnesium alloy that is 33% lighter than aluminum and is of course 100% “Made in Germany”. The housing of the C-line is treated with a durable, anthracite metallic coloured powder coating. A protective film also protects the gearbox from stone chips.

Pinion Care + housing exchange for € 299,-

Our dedication to service goes far beyond the warranty period. With Pinion Care you can ride keep riding worry free.