25. January 2022


The fact that Pinion bikes are extremely robust and easy to clean is not only common knowledge among diehard cyclists. More and more commuters are relying on e-bikes and speed pedelecs with a combination of Pinion gearboxes and Gates Carbon Drive belts. While derailleur drivetrains have necessitated entire industry worth of dedicated products to clean and maintain drivetrain components, along with countless online tutorials on how best to do it, the same cannot be said for the Pinion gearbox. Perhaps simply due to the lack of maintenance required? Here we guide you through what you need to know to keep your Pinion gearbox in top shape through winter riding conditions!

Our colleague André from Technical Support presents valuable tips for year-round riding with Pinion!


How do I make my Pinion bike ready for winter? What are the special maintenance requirements compared to a bike with a derailleur?

Due to the sealed design of our gearbox, it is easy to maintain our Pinion-equipped bikes, and even easier clean off all the dirt, mud and debris that comes along with riding in nasty conditions. There are two special maintenance requirements that are different from derailleur-equipped bikes – but don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of! The first requirement is the annual gearbox oil change. That’s right, an oil change! The internal gears run in an oil bath, so the gearbox oil must be replaced regularly. The second maintenance requirement is checking our shift controller. This is operated via a planetary gear, which should be checked from time to time, cleaned, and then greased again.


2. What other care/maintenance work do you recommend for a Pinion bike? And what am I allowed to do myself as a consumer?

If you ride throughout the winter, I recommend regular, thorough bike washes with water and a brush. Your mileage and the conditions in which you ride will determine how often this is required. Regarding the drivetrain, we differentiate between bikes with a chain and those with a belt. For a bike with a chain, you should clean the chain thoroughly after washing down the bike and lubricate the chain afterward. For bikes with a Gates Carbon Drive belt, maintenance is even easier: a thorough scrubbing with water and brush is sufficient – nothing else is required. In regions that use road salt, I recommend the use of preservative waxes to protect the drivetrain and the bike in general from salt, rust, and corrosion.

After the bike wash you should inspect the gearbox and the secondary drive (chainrings, pulleys) to ensure, for example, that the mounting bolts and lockrings are tight. Since Pinion riders are often high-mileage riders, distances can add up quickly without you really noticing. Although the gearbox itself is very low maintenance, you shouldn’t forget to the rest of the components on the bike! Quick visual inspections and functional tests of, for example, the rear hub freewheel, shift cables and housings, the brake system, etc., are all very important!


3.  Where can I get the necessary spare parts such as oil change kits, etc. to maintain my bike myself?

Pinion spare parts, such as the oil change kit are available at Pinion dealers. There are also online retailers where you can order the parts. For US retailers we recommend the shops below for small part and oil sales to our customers: Bike ManCycle MonkeyUtah TrikesKinematic or True North (Canada).

4. The warranty period of my gearbox is ending soon. What are my options for extending it?

After the regular warranty period of 2 or 5 years expires you can take advantage of our “Pinion Care” service. In essence, this is a comprehensive gearbox service. In this case, the gearbox must be removed and sent to us or your distibution/service partner, who will handle this for you. You can either do this yourself or leave it up to your Pinion dealer. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure to enclose the service form with the shipment – without a service form, we can’t the identify the gearbox or carry out the service. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us via the contact form on our website! After carrying out the “Pinion Care” service, your gearbox receives a two-year warranty which covers the seals and gearbox functionality.

5. What exactly is Pinion Care? How much does it cost? What do you do exactly?

Pinion Care is our name for a full gearbox refurbishment. This means an in-depth inspection and repair. On one hand, this could be planned service used to extend the warranty of a gearbox. On the other hand, it could be a repair in the event of damage if the gearbox is no longer within the warranty period.

In terms of service, the gearbox is completely disassembled, and each component is tested. All seals are replaced, after which it is reassembled, filled with fresh oil and, of course, checked for functionality, performance, and sealing. This service costs 199€ for the consumer, after which the gearbox is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Thank you very much for the interview, André!





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