Service Procedures

In the event of a warranty claim, your Pinion dealer or the bicycle manufacturer will take care of processing.
Please note that we cannot process service and warranty cases without completed service documents. As such, please contact us or the bicycle manufacturer before you send your gearbox to Pinion!

In the event of a warranty claim or a problem with your gearbox, please proceed step by step:

1. Fault analysis

First, check to ensure the fault is indeed at the gearbox. In most cases, unusual noises do not come directly from the Pinion gearbox. Our “Troubleshooting” guide will help you to find the source of the problem. Still not sure? Contact your local Pinion dealer!

1. Contact your dealer

If you suspect a fault in the gearbox, please contact your dealer. If you have purchased your bike directly from the manufacturer (direct sales), please contact the bicycle manufacturer. They will inspect your gearbox and send it to Pinion for service if necessary.

3. Send in your gearbox

If the dealer determines that your gearbox needs to be sent in, please remember to include a copy of the proof of purchase, the completed Pinion warranty card and proof that the gearbox has been serviced every 10,000 km. Did you change the oil yourself? Then please enclose the proof of purchase of the original Pinion oil change kit.

The processing time for service and warranty cases is usually one week – your dealer will receive the fully functioning gearbox back within one week.

Warranty cards are enclosed with the manual. If you do not have a warranty card, you can obtain one from your dealer. Here, the serial number, purchase date, and service intervals of the gearbox are documented.