Cycling North - From Tierra del Fuego to Alaska


In January 2016, Kamran Ali started to the “tour of his life”. This takes him about 25,000 kilometres from Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina) to Alaska – probably by bike. For the realisation of his dream, the sympathetic guy with Pakistani roots has quitted his job as IT specialist and is living his dream on the road.

Kamran starts his tour in the deepest south of Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) with the goal to arrive in Alaska. His journey takes him through various climatic zones, over steep passes, along coastal roads, deserts and jungle areas.


For his trip Kamran decides himself for a Stevens P18 Lite with Pinion P1.18 and Gates Belt. The bike is fully loaded with clothing, tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, spare parts, repair set and photo equipment and weights up to 40 kilograms. Depending on the stage up to 10 liters of drinking water are added. In addition to that, it´s not sure where the next supermarket, and for sure bicycle repair shop is…

Kamran shares his thoughts about the equipment and the decision for the Pinion drive technology with us:

The material has a lot to bear, so I watched out for something which is almost maintenance-free.  The P1.18 with Pinion gearbox and Gates Carbon belt instead of chain is the perfect choice!

For me the system is perfect: I do not have to worry about anything, the weight sits centrally in the middle, the whole technique is encapsulated and well protected and also the belt has no problems with dirt and dust. Also the range of gears of the Pinion is great – I am very glad about that cooperation!”

Kamran trusts in our P1.18 gearbox – it offers him 18 real gears and a huge bandwidth. This allows him to climb up very steep passes and to pedal in a smooth way on long downhills. The weight is in the center of the bike, so it is easy and comfortable to handle. Another point which convinces him is the point of low maintainence. Thanks to the encapsulated housing, shifting with Pinion is resistant against mud, water, sand and ice.

But how does a gearbox work in a bike?

Read more about the Pinion drive technology.



MARCH 2016: Argentina – The Andes: endless expanses and adventurous Patagonia

In the first months of Kamrans journey the landscapes are characterized by the incredible expanses of the Pampa and the views of the fascinating mountain landscapes of Patagonia. Kamran moves on pretty well on asphalt roads and made friends with other cyclists from all over the world.


MAY 2016: Chile – 4,500 kilometers of snow-capped peaks and barren deserts

Chile with its north-south expansion is the longest country in the world. Temperatures in the single-digit range and the notoriously Pampas wind made the advance partly very tedious. Kamran travels northwards accompanied of four Frenchmen.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Bolivia – salt deserts, high passes and Andean peaks

After almost nine months in the saddle, Kamran reaches the Bolivian capital La Paz, has crossed a pass at 4,916 m sea level and crossed the salt desert “Salar de Uyuni”. In the meantime, he has travelled over 6,000 kilometres, with more than 18,000 kilometres ahead of him.


He took his time to report on his experiences with the P1.18 gearbox. Read Kamran’s review about the Pinion gearbox.


NOVEMBER 2016: Peru – Kamran raises the 10,000-kilometre mark

On 27.11.2016 and 319 days after the departure to his “Tour of Life”, Kamran’s cycling computer shows the 10,000 km. This almost incredible figure is reached at the Utcubamba River, Peru. There remain about 15.000 km to Alaska. The gearbox? Running!


FEBRUARY 2017: Ecuador – Pacific coast, Andes and tropical rainforest

For months, Kamran has been spending almost every day in the midst of a fascinating backdrop. On his Stevens P1.18, he manages kilometer-miles, heights of altitude, but he enjoys every single day of his journey and this very special kind of freedom. In Quito, Kamran takes a six-week break to work on his visual material and at least not to recharge his batteries.

APRIL 2017: Colombia: The Colombian police, your friend and helper!

From Ecuador to Colombia is the so-called “Street of Death”, also known as “El Trampolin de la muerte”. As if this were not enough adventure, Kamran is confronted with a very bad thing shortly after the border crossing to Colombia: His laptop was stolen in the hotel. Through the call on social media and the united support of the Colombian authorities, the impossible is possible and Kamran gets back his laptop with all his valuable pictures and reports!

APRIL 2017: Adios Sudamérica, Holà America Central! 

After more than 13.000 km leaves Kamran South America. He has summarized his journey through South America in a short, gripping video.Anyone who wants Kamran to continue his journey as planned, has the opportunity to support him in his

Anyone who wants Kamran to continue his journey as planned, has the opportunity to support him in his fundraising campaign!

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