FAST & FURIOS: Klever X-Speed Pinion

A real alternative to the car!

The S-Pedelec is equipped with Pinion 9-speed gearbox, Gates belt and Klever’s own 800-watt Biactron rear engine. A new 1,200 Wh battery ensures a long range.

“We continue to see the rear engine as the perfect solution in urban areas. A powerful engine and a long range together with comfortable and extremely low-maintenance components such as those from Pinion and Gates are ideal – especially for long-distance riders and commuters”. – it says from the Klever headquarters.

The advantages of the rear motor include its power, elasticity, and silence. The power of the engine is transferred directly to the rear wheel hub without an internal transmission and without the detour via chain and gears. For riders with rear-engine pedelecs, this means significantly less wear, lower costs and fewer visits to the workshop. Rear engines also deliver full power even at higher speeds and in large gears.

The combination is convincing: Klever X Speed Pinion with Gates belt drive and Biactron rear engine.

The Pinion gearbox runs maintenance-free for up to 10,000 km.

Full power: The power of the Biactron rear motor is 800 watts.

Intuitive & fast shifting with the new Pinion DS2 rotary shifter.

The 1,200 Wh battery sits in the frame and can be quickly removed.

The X Speed Pinion is expected to be available in June 2020 at a price of € 7,199.
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