Awards for the world first
Pinion E-Drive system


The Pinion E-Drive system with the Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) at its heart was presented as a world first at Eurobike 2023 and has so far been honoured with three prestigious awards: Industry experts agree that the MGU is the game changer for e-bikes.

“A real carefree drive system that opens up new possibilities for bike designers and will certainly be used in many bikes in the future.”

Jury Eurobike Award

“The Pinion Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) takes the win largely because, of all of the wonderful innovations nominated for this award, the E-Drive has the greatest potential to change how full suspension eMTBs can be designed for the better.”

“The Pinion Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) revolutionises the ebike experience by integrating the gearbox and motor into one unit… The Pinion MGU presents a pioneering solution for the future of the ebike market.”

Jury Design & Innovation Award

Design & Innovation Award – the “Oscar of the bike and media industry”

After the innovative drive system won the Eurobike Gold Award in June and the Pinkbike Award in December last year, the Pinion team is now delighted to have received the Design & Innovation Award – the “Oscar of the bike and media industry”.

Our Launchpartner

In the current model year, leading bicycle brands are relying on our innovation. Brands such as Bulls, Flyer, i:SY, Kettler, Pegasus, Rotwild, Simplon, Tout Terrain and Zemo rely on the Pinion E-Drive system. Our range extends from e-MTBs, e-Trekking, e-Compact to e-Cargo bikes. At this year’s Eurobike, we are proud to present new renowned brands that are introducing the Pinion E-Drive System. This consolidates our position as innovation leader in the field of e-systems.

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