25. January 2022

The Nicolai Argon GX Pinion is indeed categorized as a gravel bike, but comes thanks to its versatility of a fast race bike as close as a serious bikepacking bike. On the one hand, this is ensured by the sporty geometry with Nicolai-typical long reach, flat steering angle and longer tail. Because this provides an immense smoothness and stability, especially on unpaved roads. On the other hand, numerous ingenious frame details convince, which allow the installation of racks, as well as the mounting of panniers.

Nicolai Argon GX Pinion // A bike with excellent all-round qualities! A sporty geometry is the base of the Argon, the large wheel clearance allows the use of comfortable, large-volume tires on 650b wheels as here, for example, the Panaracer in 54mm width and the Pinion transmission extends the range of use for day-by-day riders who are pleased about the minimal maintenance required by the gearbox.

Nicolai Argon GX Pinion // The high-quality manufactured frame includes mounting points for the installation of mudguards and pannier racks.

Nicolai Argon GX Pinion // When it comes to the right Pinion/Gates drive, the manufacturer Nicolai offers several options. Who wants to use his Argon GX as a touring bike and plans here with proper luggage on the bike or on the trailer, which reaches for finely graduated gears and the ergonomically optimal cadence to the P1.18 transmission. If the bike is used as a daily commuter or purist gravel bike, which decides (as shown here) for the lightweight Pinion C1.12 version.

Nicolai Argon GX Pinion // In this custom configuration, the Pinion gearbox is driven by the Cinq:R shifters. Also from Cinq is the plug USB charging port, with which the smartphone can be charged on the road. This requires a hub dynamo, which in this case comes from SON. The model is also optionally available with straight handlebars.

Nicolai Argon GX Pinion // The frame bears the unmistakable signature of Nicolai. For the production of particularly durable and at the same time lightweight components and assemblies, modern 5-axis CNC machines and the so-called Hollow Milled technology are used.

Nicolai Argon GX Pinion // The adventure is calling! You can store everything you need in the bikepacking bags from Pedaled, which are coming in a nice jeans design.


  • High-end 7020-T6 aluminum frame, “Handmade in Germany”
  • Modular build-up concept with numerous equipment and mounting options
  • Available with 12- or 18-speed Pinion P-or C-line transmission
  • Gates Carbon Drive
  • Accommodates tires up to 45mm wide on 28 inch wheels or 50mm wide on 27.5 inch wheels
  • Available in 6 frame sizes from XS – XXL, suitable for riders from 155 cm to 208 cm
  • Also available as tailormade custom frame
  • Weight from 9,8 kg

The Argon GX Pinion is available either as a frameset or as a complete bike directly from Nicolai. They can be individually assembled either as a regular model or via the online configurator on the website. The entry-level price for the Argon GX Pinion is €4,125.00 and varies depending on the equipment selected.






Udo Kewitsch combines his hobbies and passions of writing, biking and photography as an independent blogger and has been a Pinion fan for several years. His latest project: the planning and development of a BBB = Best Buddy Bike, an everyday travel bike.