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Ratio Calculator


The Pinion gearbox calculator helps you to choose the ideal gearbox tuning. The internal gear ratio for each gear of all types of gearboxes is already defined in our calculator. The entire spectrum of a Pinion transmission can be shifted to fast or slow with the secondary ratio to the rear wheel. A 1:1 tuning is also possible by using sprockets of the same size or toothed belt pulleys.

(Number of teeth chainring gearbox)
(Number of teeth sprocket rear wheel hub)
(Wheel circumference in mm)
(in mm)

Additional ground clearance compared to a derailleur gear system with a chainring with 44 teeth

The size ratio, or the ratio of the number of teeth between chainring and rear sprocket is called ratio. Together with the circumference of the wheel the unfolding can be calculated. The unfolding is the distance in meters or centimeters travelled by a bicycle with one crank rotation.