P-Line transmissions are the central element on premium bikes in the high-end segment. They are an expression of technical fascination in the purest form. High-precision shifting based on the model of sophisticated automotive transmission technology in an elaborately crafted aluminium housing. Integrated low in the centre of the frame, the gearbox is a bold statement announcing a totally new way of shifting. Pinion central transmissions deliver reliable gearshift performance paired with an indescribable cycling feeling.

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The only gearbox on the market with 18 real gears. The reference for touring and high-end trekking. Maximum bandwidth and extremely finely spaced gear steps offer superior gearshift and riding comfort over long distances.

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Optimised gearbox for MTB and touring use. In the marathon, the lightweight P1.12 combines all the benefits of the P1.18 while its wide bandwidth exceeds the performance of modern 2×10 derailleur transmissions. In the touring bicycle segment, the P1.12 gearbox establishes the new benchmark in the upper category.

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The lightweight gearbox with increased bandwidth is ideal for MTB trails with rapid changes of terrain topography. The P1.9XR gearbox has a widely spread range of gears to guarantee perfect flow on uphill and downhill stretches. For e-bikes, the ratio spread is optimum for generating maximum output even with a relatively low pedalling rate.

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The P1.9CR gearbox is designed for the modern all-round bicycle. Comfortable riding to work or for leisure is ensured by the evenly and closely spaced ratios of all gears. Combined with a hub motor at the rear of a pedelec, the P1.9CR gearbox represents the ideal combination of two self-contained systems. The powerflow sequence of „human-gearbox-motor“ protects the drive components against increased loading.

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Pinion gearbox technology functions on the basis of spur gearing with two gearing sub-units connected on the output end. The combination of both gearing sub-units with their different gear pairs generates the individual gears. The P1.18 gearbox consists of one 6-gear subunit and one in-line subunit with 3 gears. So the P1.18 is a 6×3 gear unit type. The P1.12 is a 4×3 gear unit type. The P1.9CR and P1.9XR are each 3×3 gear units with different gear pairs.

Pinion technology

P1.18 Power flow


Real gears refer to the gear steps of a bicycle transmission that can be optimally used. In derailleur gears, the skewed running of the chain leads to significant losses of efficiency. In addition, when there are two or three front sprockets there will be redundant, i.e. equivalent, gears. A 3×10 derailleur transmission, for example, actually only offers 14 or 15 real gears from this perspective.

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Ratio Calculator


The Pinion gearbox calculator helps you to choose the ideal gearbox tuning. The internal gear ratio for each gear of all types of gearboxes is already defined in our calculator. The entire spectrum of a Pinion transmission can be shifted to fast or slow with the secondary ratio to the rear wheel. A 1:1 tuning is also possible by using sprockets of the same size or toothed belt pulleys.

(Number of teeth chainring gearbox)
(Number of teeth sprocket rear wheel hub)
(Wheel circumference in mm)
(in mm)

Additional ground clearance compared to a derailleur gear system with a chainring with 44 teeth

The size ratio, or the ratio of the number of teeth between chainring and rear sprocket is called ratio. Together with the circumference of the wheel the unfolding can be calculated. The unfolding is the distance in meters or centimeters travelled by a bicycle with one crank rotation.


Direct comparison of pinion gearboxes

logo-p118 logo-p112
Number of gears
18 12 9 9
Overall ratio %
636 600 568 364
Gear steps %
11,5 17,7 24,3 17,5
Frame connection
Pinion Standard Pinion Standard Pinion Standard Pinion Standard
Gain ratio in first gear
1,82 1,82 1,82 1,82
Gain ratio in fastest gear
0,29 0,3 0,32 0,36
Sprocket / Spider mount
Pinion Center Lock Pinion Center Lock Pinion Center Lock Pinion Center Lock
Chain line
54 mm 54 mm 54 mm 54 mm
Maximum input torque
250 Nm 250 Nm 250 Nm 250 Nm
Axle standard
Pinion Standard Pinion Standard Pinion Standard Pinion Standard
174 mm 174 mm 174 mm 174 mm
Splash lubrication Splash lubrication Splash lubrication Splash lubrication
Oil type
Pinion gearbox oill Pinion gearbox oil Pinion gearbox oil Pinion gearbox oil
Oil capacity
60 ml 60 ml 60 ml 60 ml
Temperature range
-15°C – +40°C -15°C – +40°C -15°C – +40°C -15°C – +40°C
Oil change inteval
Every 10.000km / Once a year Every 10.000km / Once a year Every 10.000km / Once a year Every 10.000km / Once a year
Gearbox Weight
2700g 2350g 2200g 2200g