P-Line Gearboxes

High-precision shifting, modeled after proven automotive transmission technology in an intricately machined aluminum housing.


Bicycle gear shifting
for the harshest conditions

The Pinion P1.18

The P1.18 transmission is unique. With 18 real gears, the compact gearbox offers an unsurpassed gear range. No other bicycle gearbox comes close!

Fast and
intuitive shifting

Pinion gearboxes shift at lightning speed. One or multiple gears, whether stationary or while riding! We use a rotary-style shifter for optimal gearbox control.

P1.18 is the benchmark for
touring and bikepacking

18 real gears
636 % gear range

The P-Line is available with 18, 12 or 9 gear options with equally spaced gears ergonomically designed for specific applications. The flagship P1.18 has the smallest gearing steps at just 11.5 %. All gears are real gears, as there is no such thing as gear overlap with a Pinion. With a 636 % range, the P1.18 offers the largest gear range on the market!

P1.18 is the benchmark for
touring and bikepacking

Perfectly tuned
for travel bikes

mountain biking

Reliable technology
in trekking bikes

Shrugs off dirt

The sealed gearbox is always ready for action: sand, mud, rain, and snow don’t stand a chance. Even narrow and technical trails pose no threat thanks to the internal shifting mechanism.

Machined from
a single block

The P-Line housings are manufactured through a CNC machining process. After the intricate, multi-step machining process, the raw block of 7075 aluminum is transformed into two precisely manufactured case covers which fit together perfectly. Of the original 1690 gram block, only 158 grams remain.

Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials: shavings, rejected parts, and even operating fluids are reused and reprocessed many times.

Available in 9
anodized colors

Choose the color that perfectly matches your bike, whether a subtle detail or real eye-catcher. You have the choice of 9 boldly anodized colors. Black is the standard, but if you’re lucky you might get your hands on a special, limited-edition color. These are (you guessed it) limited and are only available upon request.


Design of the gearbox types

Common to all gearboxes is the spur gearing consisting of two sub-units connected in sequence. The individual gear ratios are derived by matching the two sub-units with various cog pairings. The P1.18 gearbox is built using a 6-gear unit mated to a 3-gear unit – a 6 x 3 gearing type. The P1.12 gearbox is a 4 x 3 type.

18 gears are used exclusively in our flagship P1.18. The unmatched overall gear range with equally spaced gear steps is the reference for bike touring and bikepacking.

Gearing optimized for touring use, from trekking to MTB. With a 600 % gear range, the P1.12 transmission far exceeds the performance of a comparable derailleur.

logo-p118 logo-p112
Number of gears
18 12
Total range %
636 600
Step size %
11.5 17.7
Easiest gear
1.82 1.82
Fastest Gear
0.29 0.3
Gearbox weight
2700 g 2350 g

P-line Specifications

All Pinion gearboxes use patented Pinion technology. All frame connections, and accessories for the various gearbox types are compatible with each other.

Frame Connection:
Sprocket mount:
Chainline / Beltline:
Max. Torque:
Temperature Range:

Pinion Standard
Pinion Center Lock
54 / 56 mm
250 Nm
-15°C – +40°C

Crank mount:
Oil volume:
Service interval:

Pinion Standard
174 mm
60 ml Pinion gearbox oil
Open Bath

Every 10,000 km / once a year

On the P-Line

We are the only gearbox manufacturer to offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the P-Line when registered online.

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