Carefree riding, also thanks to the warranty

The service life of a gearbox extends far beyond the regular warranty period. With Pinion Care, we offer service that starts exactly where the warranty ends: a comprehensive gearbox overhaul including seal replacement and function test with follow-up warranty.

Pinion Care 5+ 

The Pinion Care factory service with
5-years follow-up warranty costs € 299,-.

Pinion Care 2+

The Pinion Care factory inspection with
2-years follow-up warranty costs € 199,-.

Factory inspection

Comprehensive inspection of all gearbox components including seal replacement and follow-up warranty.


Pinion Care also offers comprehensive protection in the event of damage, including warranty coverage on all components.

Housing exchange

A housing exchange gives your gearbox a new look! With the P-Line, 9 different anodized colors are available.

Factory Inspection

We recommend performing a factory inspection as part of Pinion Care, after the warranty period has expired. That way your gearbox keeps its value, and you get the additional peace of mind of the follow-up warranty.

Scope of services

• Manual function test before service
• Visual inspection of all internal and external components
• Shaft seal exchange
• Housing seal exchange
• Oil change
• Final function test under load, in all gears
• Pinion Care 2+ with 2-years warranty extension
• Pinion Care 5+ with 5 -years warranty extension

The factory inspection can be performed as often as desired and applies to P- and C-line gearboxes.
Your local Pinion dealer will take care of the processing for you.

Pinion Care Repair

First, check to ensure the fault is in the gearbox. In most cases, unusual noises do not come directly from the Pinion gearbox, but from peripheral components. If you are unsure, please contact your local dealer.
If damage to the gearbox cannot be ruled out, Pinion Care will investigate further. Depending on the damage, we will replace the corresponding component or provide you with a cost estimate. The Pinion Care repair extends the warranty by an additional 2 or 5 years.


Housing exchange with Pinion Care

With a new housing your gearbox gets a fresh a new look! In conjunction with the Pinion Care factory inspection, we give you the option to exchange the gearbox housing. Housings can be exchanged for an equivalent housing within the gearbox line. Your gearbox then receives an additional 2 or 5 years of warranty coverage. The service process is handled through your Pinion dealer.


P-Line housings are made of CNC-machined aluminum. Available in 9 anodized colors.


C-Line housings are made of high quality magnesium alloy and are 33% lighter than aluminum housings.