Interview with Frank Schneider

Hello Schneidi… how’s it going?
… good !

You have most recently been using the DH but you can often be seen on fatbikes too. How would you currently describe your way of cycling?
On my bike, I simply do whatever takes my fancy. After twelve years of tough special training on the DH or enduro bike, I am delighted to try out something new. That’s why I have become a big fan of the hardtail gates single-speed and more recently I have become addicted to fat tyres. Even as a child I found fat tyres with a strong profile quite addictive.

You’ve already taken part in several competitions and put a lot of miles behind you with a Pinion transmission. What do you like about Pinion technology compared to other transmission systems?
Time and time again I have been impressed by the smooth running of the gearbox and, of course, the fact that it doesn’t need maintenance. In combination with the Gates Carbon Drive system, the drive is perfect of course. However, the great diversity of the Pinion box, the ability to change gear when stationary, the compact dimensions and the central position/weight distribution in the bicycle are, in my view, decisive advantages over other transmission systems.

You were one of the first people to test the new P1.9 transmission intensively. Tell us what you did with it…
I did many tours over all types of terrain, and of course in all weather conditions. There were also some steep climbs, rapid descents and nearly impassable, rocky trial sections in the Harz Mountains. The best tests of course are competitions, so I entered the Mad East Enduro with my Nicolai Argon Fat-Pinion fatbike and finished in 4th place.

What do you think is the ideal application for the P1.9?
Enduro or DH. With its high level of development, the P1.9 transmission is also good for touring or trekking, because it still has the characteristics of the P1.18 transmission. I myself have also been on long tours that would have been difficult without a wide range of gears

What do you think after several weeks of intensive testing?
I am entirely satisfied with the P1.9 transmission. The gearbox is half a kilo lighter, and with nine gears it shifts much faster. The rider also always knows clearly which gear is required at any time. The gearshifts are easy and the shift intervals are good. I can ride just about anywhere with it, whether in the bike park, on a long tour or taking part in an enduro race. The P1.9 gearbox simply does it all well.

You are familiar with the P1.18 as well as the new P1.9 transmission. What do you think are the best features of each?
The P1.18 transmission is the right choice for riders who want to be in the right gear in every situation or want to maintain the optimum pedalling frequency. The P1.18 transmission is also ideal for fatbikes, particularly for long trips on soft ground or snow. You can always find the right gear every time with the P1.18.

..and, what is your next event with Pinion?
The Megavalanche at Alpe d’Huez. Because I always want to try something new, this year I will be riding my Nicolai Argon Fat with the P1.9 transmission and Gates Carbon Drive. It will be the perfect test run for the Pinion transmission. I am looking forward to it!

Thanks for the interview, Schneidi. Ride on.

"I am entirely satisfied with the P1.19XR transmission. The gearshifts are easy and the shift intervals are good. The P1.19XR transmission simply does it all well."

Frank Schneider - fatbike lover, Gates Carbon Drive

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