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Latest press releases

  • June, 2023: Pinion launches revolutionary new E-Drive system.Download PDF
  • November, 2022: New partner for Pinion sales and service in North America Download PDF
  • August, 2022: PINION with new major owner BRP Download PDF
  • July, 2022: PINION SMART.SHIFT electrifies gearbox shifting. Download PDF
  • July, 2022: Pinion auction gearbox art for a good cause. Download PDF
  • August, 2021: Pinion MTB Highlights at Eurobike.Download PDF
  • August, 2021: Pinion S-Pedelecs are picking up speed. Download PDF
  • May, 2021: Schindelhauer introduces new e-bikes with Pinion gearbox. Download PDF
  • April, 2021: Pinion expands commercial segment and introduces transmissions for business cargo vehicles. Download PDF

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One technology, two product lines. Learn more about the Pinion P- and C-line and Pinion Original Accessories.

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About Pinion GmbH

From Porsche to Pinion
The idea for the Pinion gearbox was born in 2006 at Porsche’s transmission development centre in Weissach, Germany: a bicycle gear shifting system that works as intuitively, precisely, and wear-free as the manual gearbox of a sports car.

Five years of development, numerous prototypes and countless hours of test bench trials followed until the first production-ready transmission crossed the Himalayan mountains in 2010…
Today, more than 100 international bicycle manufacturers trust in Pinion.


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