Pinion gearbox technology has successfully undergone a really testing marathon comprising material inspections, practical tests and operation simulations. Our elaborate test processes guarantee maximum quality and reliability – for the lifetime of a bicycle. On its way to becoming ready for series production, every Pinion product variant undergoes various test cycles on our in-house test rigs according to the same standards as in the automotive industry. The same applies to the complete gearbox and individual subassemblies. Series production only starts once we are sure that we can offer a guarantee for the durability of all functions, and that the gearboxes will withstand even the harshest conditions.

Each Pinion gear has completed all the practical tests,
material tests and operational simulations
to ensure maximum quality, reliability and service life.

Dynamic load test of the selector shaft for superimposing flexure and torsion. Maximum torque 250 Nm.

Subsequent concentricity check on a selector shaft confirms that the design possesses endurance strength.

Minimum tolerances, accuracy and precision combine to guarantee that the subassembly will function optimally.


Stationary operation: 300 hours under maximum load produces 3.6 million load applications and reductions on every single tooth.

The shafts in the gearbox are twisted 60 million times to check their fatigue strength.

With clearly defined duty cycles, we simulate riding more than 37,000 miles in less than two weeks.

TESTED one by one

Only ready when it’s perfect: every single Pinion gearbox is precisely examined again by Dipl. engineer Christof Höfer and his team before it is delivered. In these in-series tests, every gearbox is installed in a test bicycle and ridden on the test rig. Not only does Christof know every single detail of Pinion technology, he also has plenty of miles under his belt as an experience race rider. This means he can precisely analyse every gearshift procedure and examine the running properties of the gearshift under various load cases. Only when all the functions of the gearbox are 100 percent convincing does a gearbox become a Pinion gearbox. Finally, 60 millilitres of fresh oil are added and the product is made ready for despatch. This process is unique in the industry, and underscores our approach to quality and safety.

Gearshift performance and smooth running in every gear are tested with the greatest of care.

Only once the function is 100 percent guaranteed is the gearbox ready for despatch.

Prior to delivery, each gearbox is built into a test bicycle using a quick-fastener and test-ridden.