Here you can watch videos of the service procedures for Pinion products.

Tutorial I Oil change for Pinion gearboxes

We recommend changing the oil once a year or every 10,000 kilometers.
You can purchase the oil change kit from your Pinion dealer or online.

Oil change for C-line gearboxes
Oil change for P-line gearboxes

Tutorial I Shift cable installation for Pinion gearboxes

We use standard shift cable. These are available from bicycle retailers or online.

C-line with DS2 shifter
P-line with DS2 shifter
P-line with DS1 shifter

Tutorials for other Pinion gearbox service procedures

PINION BT1 – Belt Tensioner | Installation & Service
PINION CT2 – Chain tensioner | Installation & Service
Pinion gearbox installation and removal
Disassembly and assembly of chainring and crank
Converting Pinion chain tensioner
KS 1.2 for X101 Long Life Chain
Replacing the Pinion shifter grip

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