Nordish by nature: Touring bikes from German manufacturer Böttcher

26. April 2022

At home on the world’s roads

Among bike travelers, the northern German manufacturer Böttcher is as well known as Bayern Munich is among soccer fans. The brand stands for individuality and high-quality touring bikes that can be adapted to individual needs thanks to practical features and numerous configuration options. Because like every trip, every rider is unique – whether body size, weight, payload, riding style, performance or geographical conditions. All these circumstances play a role in choosing the perfect touring bike and are taken into account at Böttcher – either in consultation with the local dealer or via the online bike configurator.

While many manufacturers rely on one and the same frame (and consequently frame material) for their models for cost reasons, this makes the biggest difference in the three Böttcher models: The classic touring bike Evolution Pinion is based on a comfortable Reynolds steel frame, the noble tourer Titanium Pinion is made of indestructible titanium and the frame of the trekking model Levante consists of lightweight aluminum.

In the following, we present three high-quality Pinion bikes for the application areas recreation, touring and bike touring/expedition, which are clearly different from each other.


Böttcher Evolution Pinion

A round-the-world trip, a long vacation or a weekend trip – this bike does it all! The base is the high-quality steel frame around the P1.18 gearbox. This combination convinces with dynamic and comfortable riding characteristics. The seating position is comfortable, so that comfort does not fall by the wayside even on long tours. In the standard configuration, the solid touring bike weighs 13.8 kg and allows a permissible total weight of up to 150 kg.


The model Böttcher Evolution Pinion comes on 27.5″ wheels and is available in three frame sizes 48, 53 and 58 cm. There are 18 RAL colors to choose from. Who is not found here, can also opt for a special color or an exciting effect or metallic color for an additional charge . The P1.18 gearbox is optionally available in the housing color red or black.

Böttcher Titanium Pinion P1.18

It doesn’t get more noble than this! The Titanium Pinion P1.18 the top model in the line-up of Böttcher touring bikes and virtually “a bike for life”. With a total weight of only 10.8 kg, the bike scores with a robust frame, reliable drive components and travel-suitable attachments such as carriers and mudguards. For stability and smooth running, the model comes with 28″ wheels. The frame is designed for high loads – which you undoubtedly have on long bike journeys – and a permissible total weight of up to 150 kg.


The Böttcher Titanium Pinion P1.18 is available in four frame sizes 52, 55, 58 and 61. Shown here is the model with red anodized Pinion gearbox. Extra style factor: As a special eye-catcher Böttcher offers the P1.18 gearbox and hubs in black, red or blue.

Böttcher Levante

“Perfect in function, comfortable for everyday use and responsive for dynamic riding. The Levante is our premium trekking bike for sporty, ambitious and technically enthusiastic cyclists.” – is how Böttcher describes the modern trekking bike. With well thought-out features and a total weight of around 14.8 kg, the Levante makes for a coherent overall bike. In the basic version, it comes with 12 finely graduated gears and 600% ratio from the Pinion C-line transmission. If you want a little more, you can choose the P-line with 18 gears and get even finer gear steps and 36% more overall ratio.



The Böttcher Levante with diamond frame (see picture) is available in three frame sizes: 50, 54 and 59 cm.
In addition to this frame variant, the Levante is also available with a lower entry in the sizes 49 and 54 cm. Learn more.

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