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Pinion in Touring Bikes The benchmark in Bicycle Touring

Adventurers trust Pinion! Up to 18 gears offer an unsurpassed gearing range with finely- and evenly- spaced gears for touring – you can always find the right gear for any terrain! Even with heavy bags or panniers, Pinion bikes provide a stable ride thanks to the low center of gravity. On long trips you will really appreciate the gearbox’s minimal maintenance…

No other shifting
system offers more

Whether steep climbs or long descents – the Pinion P1.18 gearbox is the first choice for your next big trip! With a 636 % overall gear range, Pinion beats every other drivetrain on the market.

Reliable shifting

Pinion transmissions are built to last! They are constantly reliable and withstand even the highest loads. It is not uncommon for gearboxes to accumulate over 100,000 km.

10,000 km

Pinion gearboxes are virtually wear-free and only require only a single oil change every 10,000 km.* We achieve up to four times longer chain and chainring life compared to conventional derailleur drivetrains.

Worry-free travelling
even on extended tours

While travelling, terms like “low-maintenance” and “wear-free” suddenly take on different meanings. With Pinion, drivetrain maintenance becomes an afterthought! Isn’t it a great feeling when you can focus on taking care of yourself after a hard day in the saddle?

Robust and

Adventurers appreciate a low maintenance drivetrain: Dust, salt, rain, mud, freezing temperatures or river crossings? No problem. Thanks to the enclosed shifting components and sealed construction, Pinion gearboxes are extremely robust and defy all weather conditions.

Drivetrain concept

Perfectly balanced
Optimal weight distribution

Pinion gearboxes are integrated centrally into the bicycle frame at the bottom bracket. The low center of gravity offers several advantages: it provides dynamic handling as well as increased agility. The optimal weight distribution ensures a stable ride at higher speeds and while carrying heavy bags or panniers.

Pinion Stories


In January 2016, Kamran Ali sets off on the “tour of his life”. This will take him on about 30,000 kilometres from Ushuaia in southern Patagonia to Alaska – by bike. To make his dream come true, the IT specialist has quit his job and apartment in Nuremberg. Since then he has been living his dream of being on the road.

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Simon and Nacho have been friends for years. Together, the two young men from the Basque Country have traveled to the world’ s most remote destinations. They are familiar with each other, they are adventurous and have a good deal of improvisational talent.

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Linda and Dirk are not top athletes or record holders. They are simply enthusiastic cyclists from Belgium. For 10 years now, the two of them have been travelling on different routes within Europe. The two were inspired on a trip to Portugal, at that time without a bike. There they made the acquaintance of an elderly couple who told them about their annual cycling trips.

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Adventurers worldwide rely on Pinion When will you make the shift?

Fast and precise shifting

Pinion gearboxes shift at lightning speed. One or multiple gears, whether stationary or while riding! This is where the Pinion gearbox truly shines. We use a rotary shifter for exceptional shifting control.

Touring Bikes with Pinion gearboxes

Falkenjagd Hoplit PI

Böttcher Titan Pinion P1.18

Jongerius Pinion Premium Beltdrive

Co-Motion Americano

Tout Terrain Tanami Xplore

Rennstahl 853

Velotraum VK12

Santos 4.29

VSF TX-1200

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