Due to a change in tax regulations related to the application of warranty policies, unfortunately, as of December 21st, 2022 we will no longer offer our warranty extension option. The German Federal Ministry of Finance imposed a change on May 21st 2021 which stipulates that extended warranties offered by companies are to be treated as „insurance benefits“. A transitional period was put in place which expires on December 31st 2022, and the new legal framework comes into effect on January 1st 2023. This change has a considerable impact on our company, and continuing to offer the extension would result in a disproportionate amount of administrative and regulatory burdens. To this end, we have no reasonable choice but to discontinue the option to purchase a warranty extension. In place of this option, starting in 2023 we will offer customers with Pinion C-line gearboxes an additional 1 year of warranty coverage, free of charge, when a gearbox is registered online. This way, C-Line gearboxes have up to 3 years of warranty coverage. (Pinion warranty conditions apply)
Keep in mind that the service life of a Pinion gearbox goes far beyond the regular warranty period. With Pinion Care we offer a service that starts exactly where the warranty ends. A comprehensive gearbox inspection, for example, provides your gearbox with a 2-year follow-up warranty. With Pinion Care+ we perform a complete factory overhaul which provides 5 years of follow-up warranty. Pinion Care Services can be applied repeatedly, and thus offer an almost unlimited warranty and peace of mind.

Other Advantages for THE REGISTRATION OF your gearbox

Theft monitoring

If your Pinion bike is stolen, please inform us. The police can identify your bike via the serial number of the gearbox.

Service reminder

You will receive an E-mail reminder once a year when the next oil change is due at your dealer.

Optimal customer service

Quick and easy gearbox identification means we guarantee fast and uncomplicated processing in the event of service.

In the event of a guarantee claim, your Pinion dealer will take care of the guarantee process. All you need is the completed guarantee card and proof of purchase of the Pinion equipped bike. If you purchased your bike directly from the manufacturer, the manufacturer is responsible for handling the guarantee process. Detailed information about the Pinion guarantee can be found in our guarantee conditions.

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