Cycling Adventure

Worldwide bike tour becomes a nomadic cycling lifestyle

Their journey so far

Pinion riders Ben and Linda from XPLORid will be back on the road in Europe in mid-2024. Their 38,000 km journey around the world through Europe, North and Central America has recently been documented. “Our journey so far” is the title of the 20-minute film. Definitely a movie recommendation on our part.

The extremely high humidity and burning sun from Oaxaca in Mexico to Panama City took its toll on the two of them. Now they want to swap the heat and the Pan American Highway in South America for a nomadic cycling lifestyle in Europe. In order to lose some weight, they have swapped their equipment. However, they are sticking with their Idworx oPinion Ti BLTs, because: Never change a winning team!

Future plans

They can look back on wonderful experiences during several stays in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Curaçao. Experiences they would never want to miss. Their dream now is to set up a few (permanent) jobs throughout Europe and cycle in between.

The future will show whether they will also travel to the Far East and Oceania. But one thing is certain: they will continue to collect €1 for every kilometer they cycle to directly help people, animals and nature in need.

We can definitely look forward to more stories and reports from them.

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