Three boys, three bikes, a lot of luggage and no specific plan. That’s the motto of Nico, Julian and Felix. The goal on the other hand, is set very exactly. It’s the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Under the name “Pasta Gorillas”, the three athletes starting their exciting travel project.

After all, they are experienced enough. They already started in 2015 under the name “Trio for Rio” for the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. So let’s assume that the three adventurers can roughly estimate what it means to travel by bicycle and about 50 kg of luggage in self-sufficiency mode for about 1.5 years.

“We just want to get out of everyday life and move outside.” And they already do! Nico and Julian Schmieder made their first contact with Pinion at the CMT Stuttgart in 2017. They were immediately sympathetic and when the boys’ plans became concrete, Pinion was quickly determined as a partner for a permanently reliable circuit. The bicycles come from Velotraum and are ergonomically adapted to the body dimensions and needs of the three boys.

Discover the bikes of the Pasta Gorillas.



"We are looking forward to this adventure with strong partners on our side" - Julian Schmieder


The last steps to prepare for the journeyhave been completed, the material packed and packed on the bicycles.

The young pioneers trust in the Pinion central gearbox. The wide range of gears, the fine gradation and the almost perfect gear ratio were convincing. It also fits humanly and “with Pinion we simply feel we are in perfect hands”. Before they started the journey they visited the Pinion headquater. Here, the three adventurers were given a factory tour and during a technical training session, they learned what they should know about Pinion on a journey of almost 28,000 kilometres. In addition to practical tips and important hints on how it works, they also learned how to change the shifting cables.

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