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Pinion equipped E-Bikes

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Touring E-Bikes with Pinion

Tackle everyday errands, enjoy short weekend trips, or go exploring on longer bike tours with bags or panniers. While there are countless ways to enjoy E-Trekking and E-Hybrid bikes, reliability is always a priority. You can trust a Pinion E-bike!


Powerful motors and high-capacity batteries offer increased assistance and range. Together with the low-wear Pinion gearbox, the result is a robust, durable system.

while travelling

Thanks to its sealed design, the gearbox is protected from dirt ingress, and easily conquers all weather conditions. Isn’t it great when you don’t have to worry cleaning and maintaining your drivetrain?


Both efficient and comfortable: Pinion gearboxes with 6,9 or 12 gears offer ratios that is ideal for cycling with an electric motor.

Everything in order

Power where it counts! The combination of Pinion gearbox and rear motor ensures a balanced ride and is gentle on drivetrain components. Compared to a mid-motor system, the drivetrain is subjected to significantly less wear and tear.


Many manufacturers offer equipment options that let you adapt your bike perfectly to your riding style. 12 or 9 gears, an additional battery, extra stable luggage racks, or StVO-compliant lighting make extending your rides easier than ever!

E-Trekking bikes with Pinion

Tout Terrain Skane Select

Jongerius Pinion Neodrives

Electrolyte Zugvogel S10E

Contoura Li-16

Falkenjagd Hoplit PI E

Möve E-Fly Up GT

Cheetah E-For Pleasure City

Poison Arsen

Pinion gearbox shifting
Class-leading touring bikes!

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