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Pinion equipped bikes

Gravel bikes with Pinion
– true allrounders

Dusty gravel roads, bikepacking in remote regions or cruising stretches of tarmac? Gravel bikes are the modern all-rounders spanning a wide range of on- and off-road applications. The low-maintenance Pinion gearbox makes for limitless riding fun. It delivers reliable shifting performance – mile after mile!

Dynamic and

The Pinion gearbox is integrated centrally into the bicycle frame. The low center of gravity and the light rear wheel provide optimal weight distribution and significantly improve riding characteristics – even while riding with bikepacking bags.

Always in the
right gear

Pinion gearboxes offer the widest range of gear ratios on the market and are ideally suited to a variety of riding conditions! Decide between 18, 12 or 9 gears for bikepacking, endurance riding, or even gravel racing.


Tested to automotive standards and proven the world over under the harshest conditions, the Pinion gearbox is constantly reliable. Thanks to its robust construction and minimal maintenance requirements, you can forget about your drivetrain and focus on the ride!


„A sporty gravel bike is cool, but when a bike like this can do so much more, it becomes really interesting. This is a bike that is just as suitable for a quick after-work lap as it is for extended tours with frame-bags or panniers, day trips, or overnighters.

Martin Donat, LifeCYCLE Magazine

Drop handlebars for
Pinion gravel bikes

If you want to ride your gravel bike with a drop handlebar, the bar requires a diameter of 22.2 mm in order to mount the original Pinion DS2 shifter. Suitable handlebars are available from Van Nicholas and Surly, among others. Pilot Cycles has its own rotary shifter which is compatible with drop handlebars of other diameters.

Cinq shifter/brake lever
for Pinion gearboxes

The Shift:R Road by German manufacturer Cinq is an alternative the original Pinion rotary shifter. The combined shifter/brake lever was developed in cooperation with brake manufacturer TRP and allows shifting of Pinion gearboxes with a modern integrated shifter/ brake lever! It is compatible with all Pinion C-line gearboxes.

See how Cinq
works with Pinion

Built for adventure
and the everyday

Gravel bikes with Pinion gearboxes lead you to discover all kinds of new places on two wheels! They are equally suited to hot laps after-work, extended tours, everyday escapes, or weekend overnighters! With minimal maintenance requirements and low drivetrain wear they make for extremely practical gravel bikes. Your ride will always be ready when adventure calls!

Gear up
in the right gear

Pinion gearboxes shift at lightning speed. One or multiple gears, whether stationary or while riding! Experience the pinion advantage.

Pinion Bikes for Gravel / Bikepacking

Tout Terrain Scrambler Xplore GT II

Nua Bikes Sílice

Nicolai Argon GX Pinion

Pilot Scram Pinion

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