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Everyday bikes are our silent heroes. If you use your bike all year round in all conditions, you’ll rack up thousands of kilometers in no time! For this you need a bike you can rely on! You can trust a trekking bike with a Pinion gearbox. The gearbox seals out dirt and grime and shifting is always reliable.

everyday riding

The sealed shifting mechanism keeps out dirt.
Frequent drivetrain cleaning and lubrication is a thing of the past.


Pinion bikes are winners. Countless “test winner” and “best buy” accolades in the press underpin our expertise in the field of modern drivetrain technology for bicycles.

Robust &

Tested to automotive standards, the Pinion gearbox
withstands the highest stresses with its outstanding durability.

Sealed shifting

Pinion gearboxes are centrally integrated into the bicycle frame and provide an incomparably balanced riding experience. Neither rain, dust, nor ice can harm the shifting mechanism – the gearbox defies all weather conditions. Isn’t it great when you don’t have to worry about drivetrain cleaning and maintenance?

For maximum mileage

Pinion gearboxes are a perfect match for Gates Carbon Drive belts. The advantages are clear: with the same efficiency and less maintenance, belts, according to testing by Gates, withstand three to four times the mileage of conventional bicycle chains. Plus, frequent drivetrain cleaning and lubrication is a thing of the past!

Urban / Trekking bikes with Pinion gearboxes

Stevens C12 Lite

Böttcher Levante Light

Maxx Crossmaxx Pinion

Contoura Pollino Pinion

Müsing Zirkon P 2.9

Nua Bikes Luna

MTB Cycletech Tool GP

Pinion gearbox: The clean alternative to the derailleur drivetrain!

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