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Pinion equipped bikes

Pinion equipped Mountain Bikes Next level mountain biking

A central, low centre of gravity for excellent handling and unrivalled riding dynamics, minimal maintenance, and a superior, perfectly graduated gear range – mountain bikes with Pinion gearboxes are made tough for your next offroad adventure. Whether it’s a multi-day tour, a demanding enduro stage, or a World Cup downhill course, Pinion shifting is the definition of consistent and reliable performance.

Centre of gravity

A more central and lower centre of gravity along with lighter rear wheel reduces unsprung mass and improves handling, ride dynamics, and suspension performance.


With 600% range and evenly spaced gear steps, the Pinion C1.12 gearbox leaves derailleur drivetrains in its dust.

Lightning fast

In any situation – gear changes in just 0.5 seconds. The gearbox reacts to shift commands at lightning speed. The rotary shifter provides exceptional shifting control.

More traction, More fun

Quick line selection, railing corners, and increased stability in technical sections! The central positioning of the gearbox in the frame reduces the unsprung mass and increases rear-suspension sensitivity. This results in a responsive, lively ride feel and increased grip on every trail surface, no matter how rough.

Robust Shifting mechanism

The Pinion gearbox is integrated into the frame at the bottom bracket and is completely sealed from the elements. It is protected from dirt and performs in all weather conditions. When things get rowdy on the trail, there are no exposed shifting components that can break off when you push the envelope a little too far!

Shifting in
any situation

Pinion gearboxes shift at lightning speed. Shift through one or multiple gears, whether stationary or while riding! This is where the Pinion gearbox really shines. We use a rotary shifter for exceptional shifting control.
Make the shift

Less maintenance =
Lower costs + more ride time

A Pinion gearbox on your mountain bike means more time on the trail! The gearbox runs in an open bath and is self-lubricating, requiring only an oil change every 10,000 km. Gone are the days of constant drivetrain maintenance and high replacement part costs! Your calendar and your wallet will thank you.


Details of the Gamux Factory Racing Team were recently released - Pinion will also be supporting the Swiss team in 2023. The two riders - Mike Huter (Men - Pro U19) and Lino Lehmann (Men - Elite) - will compete in various international downhill world cup races riding the Gamux Sego, a Pinion-equipped bike featuring a belt drive from Gates Carbon Drive.

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Deep insights in new video from Tristan & Bélen

At the end of September, the two Pinion riders Tristan Bogaard & Bélen Castelló were with us in Denkendorf as part of their "Factory Tour".
How many steps does it take to hold a finished Pinion gearbox in your hands? What does the test bench look like? How does an oil change work? What other developments are in store for the future?

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Pinion in the press

In recent weeks, there has been increased coverage of Pinion in local newspapers, but also nationally.
Through the strategic participation of the Canadian group BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.), the course for further growth has been set - the future-oriented product strategy can be further advanced.

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Pinion Crew cycles 24,500 kilometers to work

"Cycling to work" was the motto of the health insurance´s (AOK) summer campaign, which was launched in cooperation with the ADFC. Of course, Pinion took part - it is nothing special for the majority of the employees anyway, just a lot of people use the bike as a means of transport in everyday life.

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Sean Green: 282 Scottish Munros on a mountain bike


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Mountain bikes with Pinion gearboxes

Alutech Fanes 6.1

Instinctiv M-Series

Nicolai Saturn 14 GPI

Nicolai Saturn 14 GPI

Zerode Taniwha

Zerode Taniwha

Zerode Taniwha

Zerode Katipo

Quantor Brenneisen

Nicolai G16 GPI

Pilot Locum

Tout Terrain Outback

The Pinion C1.12 shifts premium mountain bikes!


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