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Beléns Summer Overnighter

Belén made a promise to herself at the beginning of the year: One “Solo Overnighter” per season. So “here we are” for a “Summer Solo Overnighter”. With her bike - a Tout Terrain Outback Explore 29, equipped with a Pinion C1.12 gearbox - she was once again out and about in her native Spain.

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Our Pinion brand ambassador Belén is planning another bikepacking tour - again alone, without Tristan. With her bike - a Tout Terrain Outback Explore 29, equipped with a Pinion C1.12 gearbox - she is traveling in her home country Spain this time.

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Udo Kewitsch combines his hobbies and passions of writing, biking and photography as an independent blogger and has been a Pinion fan for several years. His latest project: the planning and development of a BBB = Best Buddy Bike, an everyday travel bike.

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Worldwide bike tour becomes a nomadic cycling lifestyle

Pinion riders Ben and Linda from XPLORid will be back on the road in Europe in mid-2024. Their 38,000 km journey around the world through Europe, North and Central America was recently documented. "Our journey so far" is the title of the 20-minute film.

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Belén and Tristan are professional adventurers, bikepacking photographers and Pinion Ambassadors. The couple usually travel together and explore numerous countries by bike. Here they are on tour with a Tout Terrain Outback Explore 29 with a Pinion C 1.12 gearbox.

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From Patagonia to Canada in 21 months

Katja Noergaard Hansen 34 years og Martin Lohmann Moeller 42 years are from Denmark. This is the first big trip for Katja who had never slept in a tent before she met Martin 5 years ago. Together they cycled from the tip of Argentina to Vancouver Canada a journey of 22.600 kilometers through 15 countries and it took them 21 months to complete.

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Show us your dream route

Udo and his buddy Lothar didn't wait any longer, they turned their dream into reality in the summer of 2023. They grabbed their Pinion bikes and circled the entire Baltic Sea. What an adventure!

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The San José del Pacífico Grand Dirt Tour is a 6-day bikeroute with the starting and ending in Oaxaca, capital of the state of Mexico and beautifully located mountain town. Anyone who has ever been to Mexico knows that the country is incredibly versatile - predestined for bike touring.

The jury of several members, including journalists from relevant cycling magazines and experts from the cycling industry, evaluated a wide variety of aspects.

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On bike adventure through the Rockies – an experience from Canada

Guy Stuart is a Canadian and an enthusiastic adventure biker. On his custom-made Pinion bike - equipped with a C1.12 Pinion transmission - from the titanium forge RollingDale Cycle, he had covered around 10,000 kilometers by the end of last year.
The conditions in the Rocky Mountains could not have been more different, whether in terms of surface (stones, gravel, meadow, asphalt, ice, snow, etc.) or outside temperature.

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