Tail wind at the start of the season: E-Touring bikes with Pinion and rear motor

12. April 2022

New e-bikes for everyday use, touring and travel

This season, several manufacturers are presenting their new Pinion bikes for trekking and touring. The models are all based on a modern aluminum frame that integrates a Pinion gearbox and powerful battery in a distinctive package. The Neodrives Z20 rear hub motor provides the power in each model – it silently and confidently boosts rider pedal input, applying power directly to the rear wheel. The result is a balanced, harmonious riding experience.

Pinion e-bikes are have very confident handling, and riders appreciate the low maintenance and service requirements offered by gearbox-driven pedelecs with rear hub motors. The arrangement of the gearbox at the bottom bracket and the motor at the rear – the “power where it counts” sequence – means that drivetrain components such as chains and sprockets, or the belt drive and cogs, are subjected to less stress and last many times longer than e-bikes with mid-motor systems. Your wallet will thank you!

Powerful, enduring and comfortable

More and more riders, especially all-season and all-weather cyclists, are recognizing the benefits of a low-wear, low-maintenance e-bike. During the Corona pandemic, the bicycle and especially electric bikes experienced a real boom. Many switched from public transport to an e-bike or purchased one as a replacement for their automobile. With the current trend in gasoline prices, the shift toward bicycles is set to continue, along with the demand for robust, reliable components.

Although the mid-motor is very common in e-bikes, more and more manufacturers are offering e-bikes with low-maintenance Pinion gearboxes in combination with rear hub motors for the reasons mentioned above. Below we provide an overview of the new Pinion pedelecs from Contoura, Electrolyte, Jongerius and Tout Terrain.

Contoura Li-16

Manufacturer Contoura describes the new Li-16 as a “new long-distance companion for every day”. The new Li-16 has everything you need for effortless and smooth riding on commutes or extended tours: the Neodrives motor pushes quietly and confidently, the Pinion gearbox changes gears quickly – while riding or standing still. Contoura offers the model with either 12 or 9 gears. The bike is available in two frame geometries, trapezoid and diamond, and an almost endless selection of RAL colors.


The Li-16 with diamond frame is available in four frame sizes: 50, 53, 56 and 59 cm. There is a choice of 15 RAL colors, each with a matte or glossy finish.

As a unisex version with a lower step-through, Contoura offers the Li-16 in the three frame sizes: 48, 52 and 56.


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Electrolyte Zugvogel S8E and S10E

Electrolyte, a German bike brand from the Munich area, has been offering Pinion e-bikes for years, which regularly score highly in tests. The Bavarians company proudly presents the The Zugvogel S8E and Zugvogel S10E, their two electrified newcomers. The biggest innovationfor Electrolyte is the integration of the battery into the down tube. Visually very similar, the models differ in their specifications: the S8E designation designates the Neodrives V8 battery (625 Wh), which offers an average range of 120 km. The Zugvogel S10E is equipped with the Neodrives V10 battery (725 Wh) for even more range. According to the Neodrives, you can travel up to 200 km depending on the topography and riding style.


The Zugvogel S10E is available with a diamond frame (pictured above) or a lower step-through (trapezoidal frame) each in three frame sizes: S, M and L. Electrolyte offers a configurator on their website with which you can build your dream bike.

Pictured is the Zugvogel S8E with trapezoid frame and low entry. The model is also available with diamond frame.


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Jongerius Pinion Neodrives Premium

The Jongerius Pedelec with Pinion/Gates Carbon Drive drivetrain and Neodrives motor is available in two frame sizes M and L. Few manufacturers offers more equipment options: at Jongerius there are, among other things, 10 rack options, 14 different saddles, and 9 headlight models to choose from.


The Jongerius Pedelec with Pinion/Gates drive train combination and Neodrives motor is available in two frame sizes M and L. Hardly any manufacturer offers more equipment options: at Jongerius there are, among other things, 10 luggage rack variants, 14 different saddles and 9 headlight types to choose from.

The unisex model of the Jongerius Pinion Neodrives Premium is available in sizes S and M. All of the customization options are available here.

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Tout Terrain Skane and Camden

The two new Pinion e-bikes from Tout Terrain mark a double debut for the Freiburg-based company. Originally specializing in high-quality touring bikes made of steel, Tout Terrain is now proving that it can also build e-touring bikes made of lightweight aluminum and is thus breaking new ground. They apply their expertise to the sensibly selected componentry on their e-bikes models, and while based on thesame frame, offer two bikes that are clearly distinctive based on their characteristics and intended application




The Skane is a comfortable tourer for both leisure and travel and is fully capable of tackling dirt roads. “From city streets to easy trails and beyond, our trekking e-bikes are ready for anything” – says the manufacturer’s website. With a balanced geometry, an extended gear range and pedal assistance, the Tout Terrain Skane is suitable for everyday use as well as for extended tours.



The Camden is made for urban use and thus a perfect “daily driver”, an everyday bike with which you go to work, go shopping and take the long way home. Both the Skane and the Camden are available in diamond (as shown) and trapez (with lower entry) frame styles.

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Udo Kewitsch combines his hobbies and passions of writing, biking and photography as an independent blogger and has been a Pinion fan for several years. His latest project: the planning and development of a BBB = Best Buddy Bike, an everyday travel bike.