NUA BIKES – Handmade in Barcelona

We give a little insight into the product range of Nua Bikes.

In general, Nua Bikes offers numerous models and (currently) five Pinion frames for various applications. While the Nua Dual and Nua Kensho models are designed for fast, sporty progress in urban surroundings, the Nua RoureNua Salvaje and Nua La Bestia are made for travel, adventure and bike packing. If you don’t find what you are looking for in this basic configuration, Nua Bikes offers the implementation of almost all ideas within the framework of “Customers Special Projects”…

1.) Special project: Kevins Porteur is based on the Roure geometry.

2.) La Bestia: Designed for the most adventurous cyclists. Perfect hybrid between a drop-bar gravel, a dirt tourer and a plus -sizeed mountain bike.

3.) Kensho is a sporty and sexy gearbox-equipped urban racer, made to bomb along the city streets in style. It features the low maintenance of a single-speed, but sports the versatility of (at least) the six gears provided by a sturdy Pinion C1.6 gearbox paired to a Gates belt drive.

4.) Dual Commuter – This built is equipped with a fixed mudguard and Supernova lighting for year-round use.

5.) Special Project: Henrik decided to build his dream bike completely individually. It´s kind of a All-4-one bike with drop-bar, fenders, Supernova lights and custom-made rack.

Whether Urban Djungle, Every-Day-Use, Adventure Cycling or just cycling – Nua Bikes offers numerous options. Find your individual Nua bike!