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Udo and his buddy Lothar didn’t wait any longer, they turned their dream into reality in the summer of 2023. They grabbed their Pinion bikes and circled the entire Baltic Sea. What an adventure!

Before we delve into Udo’s and Lothar’s journey, we want to hear from you: What does your dream route look like? Is there a tour you’ve always wanted to take on your bike? A dream tour? YOUR dream tour? Maybe it’s a place you want to explore with your bike, a region, or a country… Whatever it is, share it with us on komoot (comment in the collection)!

As a token of gratitude, you’ll be entered into a draw for Pinion Goodie Bags containing a T-shirt, water bottle, hoodie, and much more, along with a €100 voucher for the bike workshop around the corner – ensuring your bike runs smoothly for your next adventure.

Udo and Lothar at the end of their journey: It was simply magnificent.

The dream route – once around the lake

Once around the lake. Sounds kind of cute, but might be quite intense, thought the two adventure seekers at the beginning. The rough plan stated: 4,000 kilometers, perhaps (with some luck) a few less, or maybe even 100 kilometers more.

“Ready to go! Let’s go Baltic Sea! Wow. What a joy!”

One thought Udo and Lothar quickly dismissed: No, they didn’t want to start at their doorstep. That lies deep in Bavaria, which, considering the time constraint of seven weeks, would be a bit too tough. There were other ideas as well. Ultimately, reason prevailed: They started in the marzipan city of Lübeck. And then the bells rang: Ready to go!

As a passionate biker, Alpencrosser, and bikepacker, the famous “n+1 formula” has always applied to Lothar – you know, regarding the optimal number of bikes one should own. So, it was only a matter of time before he had to get in touch with Pinion. “Even if it sounds cheesy: It was love at first pedal. After three other bikes, my Pinion personally marked another (small) evolutionary step for me. The gear range of a Pinion gearbox is unmatched in the market, and the carefreeness with the Gates belt drive is simply invaluable, especially on this long journey around the Baltic Sea.”

If you want to check out Udo and Lothar’s complete route, follow us on komoot and click on the collection.

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